Shoot a 50 caliber Sniper Rifle at Gun Garage Las Vegas.

Gun Garage Las Vegas is one of the few indoor shooting ranges in Las Vegas where you can shoot a 50 caliber Sniper Rifle. In addition to one of our awesome shooting experiences you can add the 50 caliber Sniper Rifle.  Feel the power and exhilaration of shooting the largest bolt action rifle in existence.  When you shoot our 50 caliber Sniper Rifle, the recoil is minimal due to the shock absorption system built into the rifle, but the air blowing back out of the compensator at the end of the barrel will feel like a blast of wind.  It is truly an experience that must be felt live in person and Gun Garage Las Vegas is the best range in town to have that personal experience.

Gun Garage Las Vegas take home the best Las Vegas Gun Souvenirs.

After your Las Vegas Shooting Experience at Gun Garage Las Vegas, make sure you take home one of our laser engraved 50 caliber Bullet Bottle Openers.  Our bottle openers are made from the actual casings of a 50 caliber sniper rifle round, giving you a great tool for opening your beverage of choice while telling your friends all about your experience shooting the 50 caliber Sniper Rifle at Gun Garage Las Vegas.  Our 50 caliber bullet bottle opener is laser engraved to remind you time and time again of your personal shooting experience until the next time you come back in and renew the memory with another Las Vegas Gun Range shooting experience at the Gun Garage Las Vegas.