Balmshot, loaded with lip balm not buckshot now at Garage Las Vegas.

Balmshot is a high quality unique lip balm that protects your lips from sun damage, chapping and cracking. Balmshot comes in 4 varisations: Clasic, Cool Mint, Pure Pink and Pure Pink Camp. Pure Pink and Pure Pink Camo are specially formulated for the female shooting enthusiast. Balmshot not only is a high quality lip balm, but it comes in a shotgun shell dispenser with a unique designed twisting brass base that keeps the lip balm in the container and not jammed in the lid or worse, all over in your pocket or purse.

Gun Garage Las Vegas take home useful attention grabbing Souvenirs.

If you know anything about guns, and Gun Garage Las Vegas does, you know that lubricating your firearm is very important. The exact same can be said for your lips! After your Las Vegas Shooting Experience at Gun Garage Las Vegas, make sure you take home some Balmshot, a high quality lip balm in four exciting flavors. Balmshot lip balm comes in a specially designed shotgun shell dispenser that not only looks cool, and is a great souvenir of the shooting experience you just enjoyed at Gun Garage Las Vegas but has a specially designed brass case knob that will not turn in your purse or pocket, keeping the lip balm in the container and not as a “gooey mess” inside your purse or pocket