Gun Garage Las Vegas, the ultimate adrenaline rush!

When you first walk into Gun Garage, you are hit immediately with a smorgasbord of eye candy everywhere. From wall to wall all you see is gun after gun. Shotguns, machine guns, hand guns, and even tactical knives. They have every gun you can think of, and every modification that comes with it. Suppressors (silencers), sights, scopes, grips and even things you didn’t even know you needed or wanted. But I won’t ruin the surprises for you, you will have to walk in and see for yourself. You walk towards the back where the range is, and you are greeted by amazingly beautiful girls. And trust me they are not just a pretty face they probably know more about guns then you do. They are super friendly and cheerful. They will explain everything to you from the packages to any of the information that you want to know about a gun. For $169.95 you get to shoot the P90, SCAR 223, UMP, and the 1911 pistol. Let me put that in Vegas terms, that’s the same cost of one show ticket to a crappy comedy show on the strip, a day of riding the cabs, playing craps for 5 minutes (unless you are unlucky like me and bet it all losing in two seconds). That’s the same price as a buffet for 4. Let’s be honest, what experience would you rather have or do? Do you really want to go back home and tell everyone about how you ate at a buffet until you were sick? Or would you rather tell the exciting experience you got to experience, not one, or two, but four different of your favorite guns from Call of Duty. Where you get to show them pictures of the target before and after you showered it with bullets. If you are ever in Las Vegas and looking for a different kind of experience come and check out the friendly staff at Gun Garage Las Vegas.