When it comes to keeping your employees motivated and happy, what are your go-to activities and practices? For business owners looking to boost company morale in an exciting, unique and controlled environment, Gun Garage offers customizable group packages to treat employees to a thrilling day away from the office.

Providing more than just a day at the range, our space also features a meeting area so company leaders can get down to business discussing upcoming strategy, end-of-the-year planning, future goals and more during their time away from the office.

Scheduling your next company outing at Gun Garage provides ample opportunity for team building and gives employees the chance to interact with one another outside the office while also encouraging some friendly competition. Your employees can work with our team of qualified instructors to experience some of the world’s most popular pistols and submachine guns. This exhilarating activity is great for people at all shooting skill levels.

Our modern range features 12 shooting lanes where your employees can fire off a variety of firearms. Gun choices vary by package but include popular options such as the MP5 submachine gun, UZI, the historic Tommy Gun, Glocks and more.

One of Gun Garage’s most popular packages is the Zombie Apocalypse bundle. Gun Garage’s themed packages will give your team the chance to test their aim on specially designed zombie targets while getting behind a lineup of machinery including the popular AK-47, a shotgun, an UZI and a 9mm Glock or HK USP.

All packages include range time, safety goggles, ear protection, and instruction time with a trained safety officer. You and your team will receive targets to shoot and take home as a souvenir, as well as free range bucks.

To learn more about our corporate packages or to schedule a visit for your team, please call us now at (702)440-4867.