Whether you’re visiting Gun Garage to practice your shooting for a better in-field experience or hanging out with your friends for a day of fun at the range, knowing the basics of accurate shooting is key in making the most of your time at Gun Garage.

If you find your skills are hitting a plateau, it may be time to get back to the fundamentals. Here are a few best practices to improve your shooting accuracy:

Find Your Best Shooting Stance

Developing a proper stance requires paying attention to your body. From your arm, leg and foot position to your core and balance, finding a stance that works for both you and the firearm you are shooting with will greatly improve the number of successful shots during your session.

Our expert instructors can give you valuable tips on proper posture when shooting at our 12-lane indoor range.

For example, arms should generally be extended outward but not locked and shoulders should be relaxed. Your core should have a slight forward lean with a small bend at the waist but you should never bend backwards at the waist, hip or shoulder areas.

Additionally, your balance is equally as important as your stance because you need to be able to control and counteract the kickback of the gun upon firing.

Proper Trigger Pulling

Aside from having a proper stance, shooters must also keep in mind their grip and how they’re pulling on the trigger. Many seasoned vets may know about proper trigger technique, but for the newbies, how they’re placing their hand on the trigger and how it affects accuracy may not have even occurred to them.

One tip our experts love to share with our visitors is using just the tip of your finger to pull the trigger straight back. This will minimize the possibility of moving the gun out of alignment with your target.

Cleanliness of Your Firearm

For visitors bringing their own guns to the range, maintaining the cleanliness of your machinery is just as important as your shooting techniques as clean guns will deliver increased accuracy.

These are just a few simple tips that can improve your shooting skills and techniques. What are your best practices when focusing on accuracy?