One way Gun Garage visitors can ensure a smooth visit to Gun Garage is by packing an essentials bag containing all your shooting range needs. While we do sell and rent the proper items to make the most of your experience, experienced shooters know just how valuable a gun range bag can be when visiting the Gun Garage.

Here are our top recommendations of items to bring with you during your next visit:

Range Bag

A bag filled with all the right gear will not only save you time and money, but it will allow you to keep all your firearm essentials organized in one convenient place.

There are many options to choose from when selecting a range bag, so finding the carrier that best suits your individual needs is imperative. You’ll want to consider the bag’s size, number of firearms it can carry, compartment space, magazine spaces, etc.

Safety First

At Gun Garage, your safety is our first priority. While we do offer eye and ear protection on-site, every experienced shooter knows these items are a must for packing in your range bag.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Getting ready for a day at the range starts with making sure you’re wearing clothing that is appropriate for shooting. Closed-toes shoes and comfortable pants and top. Since Gun Garage is an indoor range, items such as hats and sunglasses aren’t necessary but feel free to bring them along if you please.

Maintenance Tools

Many experienced shooters like to bring their own gear to Gun Garage and those who own firearms know the importance of keeping cleaning tools nearby.

Keeping your gun clean is essential in maintaining safety. A cleaning kit will allow you to service your firearm at the range, if necessary, and will ensure your time at the range isn’t cut short due faulty machinery.

Bringing along these essentials will make your visit to the Gun Garage a smooth ride. If you’re new to shooting, you can talk with one of on-site experts about what your range bag should include to make the most out of your next experience. To schedule a session, you can call (702)440-GUNS (4867) or stop by the range at 5155 Dean Martin Drive.