Gun Garage Las Vegas now servers a full line of Red Bull Energy to get you fully amped for your experience. When you enter the Gun Garage Las Vegas and walk through our 5.11 clothing and tactical gear to the gun range, you will see our Wall of Guns. This is where you choose the experience that will create the perfect Las Vegas attraction memory.

Choose your Gun Garage Las Vegas Attraction Package:

Before or after selecting the guns you want to experience you can get a refreshing can of Red Bull out of our specialized Red Bull refrigerator. Our Gun Garage red bull refrigerator is stocked with perfectly cooled Red Bull in a variety of Flavors.

Red Bull Energy Drink Flavors at Gun Garage Las Vegas

The yellow can is tropical flavor, the blue can is blueberry flavor, the red can is cranberry and of course we carry the original Red Bull. So whether you are getting amped up for your Gun Garage Las Vegas experience, or cooling down afterwards, grab a cold refreshing Red Bull energy drink!