Used by both notorious 1920’s gangsters such as Al Capone and John Dillinger, and by World War II soldiers during battles in the Pacific and Europe, The Thompson series of submachine guns became famous during the prohibition era and served as an iconic firearm throughout history. Gun enthusiasts can now add the Tommy Gun to their collection with the special limited edition titanium gold Thompson, available now at Gun Garage Las Vegas, retailing at $XXX.

Popular among gun connoisseurs because of its quality craftsmanship, accuracy and its tie to American history, Thompsons are sought-after collector’s items. The semi-automatic gun features a 30-round stick magazine, 50-round drum and a .45 ACP caliber ammunition. The barrel measures in at 16.5 inches with an overall length of about 40 inches. The gun weighs in at roughly 12 pounds.

Gun stats:

Model: T150DTG

Caliber: .45 ACP

Barrel Length: 16.5”

Overall Length: 40”

Weight: 12 lbs.