The Gun Garage Las Vegas Machine Gun Attraction an Official NSSF Five Star Safety Rated Gun Range.

Gun Garage is one of the safest places in the world to shoot a machine gun, or any other gun that can be fired in an indoor range. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has very strict regulations that must be met and maintained to receive a 5 Star Safety Rating. Gun Garage Las Vegas is one of very few ranges in Las Vegas that have this safety rating. Whether you are shooting a machine gun or bringing your family in for instruction, or if you are throwing a bachelor / bachelorette party and want a thrilling experience in the safest environment; Gun Garage Las Vegas is the place to be.

Learn the proper way to handle a variety of firearms.

There is no safer environment for firing guns than in our Las Vegas shooting range. Gun Garage Las Vegas has constructed every aspect of the range and experience with the well-being of the guests in mind. Their professional Range Safety Officers begin the shooting experience by give all shooters a safety briefing which includes all necessary safety equipment like ear and eye protection. The Gun Range Officer then reviews all safety protocol, signals and signs and then will assist you throughout your entire shooting experience.