Gun Garage Las Vegas shooting experiences

That moment when you play call of duty and you are running around on the greatest streak. That adrenaline of win or be loose causes shortness of breath and excitement awaiting that target coming around the corner. You tune everything out and focus on getting that perfect shot with your modified weapon. Your hands sweaty from the excitement of pulling that control trigger to get that shot off just perfectly for a head shot. There’s nothing like it, unless you are shooting the gun in real life, that is. You want to feel real adrenaline and excitement and experience sweaty palms. Imagine holding your favorite AK-47, or the P90. And letting off round after round right down the middle of your lane at Gun Garage Las Vegas. The loud bangs that can be heard even over the and felt, giving you the excitement and anticipation of perfection as you pull of the trigger and feel the recoil and kickback of the gun. The smell of gunpowder lingering in the air. There’s just some experiences that virtual reality just cannot give you.

Go from shooting one target after another, switching from the P90 to the UMP. Knowing that you are much slower on the transition from switching guns in real life, but who knows maybe you will buy one and practice until you are faster in real life then in Call of Duty. Now there’s a life skill you can keep forever. And I didn’t even mention the cherry on top of the cake… You ready? … If you shoot a package where you are shooting the M203, you can shoot a grenade launcher! BOOM! Who hasn’t wanted to shoot one in real life? Not only do you get to shoot it once, but you get 4 rounds for 25 dollars. Psh, you spend more on Starbucks in 4 days. Imagine being in the range shooting round after round, and whenever you feel like scaring everyone in the room. You just shoot off a grenade launcher and watch it literally tear that target into pieces. Not to mention you can take the target back with you as proof and evidence of your Gun Garage Las Vegas shooting Experience.