Gun Garage Offers Group Rates for Las Vegas Corporate Challenge

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Went into Gun Garage a few weeks ago and as usual they were busy , but not to busy to say hello . Even after I have been in many times I am still greeted with a smile and a handshake.

I went in to see if the rifle I had been eyeing was on the wall and it was still there. I filled out the paper work and I was happy. The staff was knowledgable about the products and helpful.

I would definitely continue coming back to them, there are many Gun ranges in Las Vegas and I have been to almost all of them. But Gun Garage will always be one of my favorites. 

Mike M.


Just an overall great experience. The staff is very knowledgeable about all the firearms available which surprised me since they were also some of the more attractive women I’ve seen in Vegas. My instructor was an ex-marine and provide excellent instruction for each of the 4 firearms I shot. Can’t wait to do this again. 

James R.


Had a great time here. Staff was very knowledgable and helpful. They even offer a free shuttle to and from the range, so be sure to ask. Had I known I could have saved a one way cab fare! 

John L.


SO FUN!!!! I was completely scared to shoot a gun and they send someone out if you use one of their guns, to show you how to use it. All of they staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. I am planning a girls day in a few weeks for all of my friends who are also scared to shoot. Fun experience here!!! No complaints. 

Mel W.


We recently had the opportunity to participate in shooting at Gun Garage. It was a great experience, and being able to shoot automatic firearms was great, something we cannot do here in Canada. Brad was a great Range master for us and the whole crew were very professional and friendly. I will not hesitate to go back next time in Las Vegas. 

Dan R.


Visiting from Germany, I really was excited to experience differnt guns, because we are not allowed to have guns and shooting ranges are pretty much not their. As a first-time shooter, I did not know anything about any guns, but we had a very friendly and kind instructor, who stayed with us all the time and that made me feel safe. The ambient, quality and staff are “Excellent” without any doubt. I’ll definetely come here again. 

Bowen G.


On our last visit a couple of years ago we went and loved it. This time the hotel recommend these guys and what an awesome recommendation it was. The hotel booked it and arranged for them to collect us from the hotel. They also gave us a $10 off voucher (which they also had in the bus that collected us. The driver was early and really happy and took us to place

Just to the side of the Luxor. We were greeted by two lovely ladies how discussed all the packages. My son (16) gun freak chose the three gun package including kriss vector, scar 408 and then a revolver 503 the biggest one they had.These were awesome and so loud when firing. We had a 10 year old also and he took the beginner package. The guy with us Curt was so good and we got a free picture and purchased the video for $25. Bus back to hotel. So much better than where we went last time. Thanks guys. 



The quality of the service from the waiting area right down to the way the staff presented my finished target and T shirt was first class. Coming from the UK and having very limited experience of firearms, the front desk staff were very helpful in helping me choose which guns to fire. The instructors were also very professional and put you at ease very quickly.

For just over £100 I got to fire 3 different guns and shot 2 clips from each gun. This gave me the chance to let rip a full clip from each gun on full auto (including an AK47). Maybe it was all the adrenaline but it soon sorted out my hangover!

The range is also located close to the airport so it’s a great way to kill some time either before checking into your hotel or before catching you return flight home. I was in and out fairly quickly but the range was quieter when I visited so you may want to ring ahead first. They can even arrange transport for you if unlike me you haven’t got a rental car 



As a UK gun owner, I have always wanted to fire an Uzi and an AK, just to see how they feel and I was treated to a great experience from the first phone call to the courtesy bus back to the hotel. The staff were great, there was a good safety briefing followed by lots of fun. Like them or not, guns are great fun in the right hands and the Guns & Ammo gals did a great job of proving that. Hasta la vista! 

Sandy A


I had an awesome time at Guns and Ammo, it really is a must if your in Vegas doing the Vegas thing , A fun and full of adrenalin activity with friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable staff it was full to the brim with all the best guns and fun targets.

They picked us up from our hotel took us to the range and took us back to the destination of our choice afterwards in a nice vehicle with refreshments laid on too. 



Just had a blast and would like to go back every vegas visit …..the staff is polite and very knowledgable… is top priority and a person with no gun knowledge would feel safe in their facility…….. 



Gun Garage is in a convenient location right off the strip. My wife and I visited the garage for the first time and were very pleased with the whole atmosphere as it was very clean and professional. We were able to walk in with no appointment. There were a variety of packages to choose from with no hidden fees (unlike other ranges we visited in Vegas) and Dani made it easy for us to choose the right package with her knowledge and great customer service. My wife and I decided to start with the beginner package since we didn’t have a lot of experience shooting. Kurt was our range guide and gave us ample amount of instruction to make sure we had the knowledge needed for a successful experience. Kurt was very, very knowledgeable about the guns we were shooting and extremely helpful and friendly. He stressed the importance of safety and made us feel comfortable while having fun at the same time. It was an awesome experience and I will definitely be coming back the next time I vacation in Vegas!! 

Ron W


I came to Gun Garage as a beginner with no experience shooting a gun. The whole experience from start to finish was awesome. There were many packages to choose from and I was unsure on which one would suit my needs. Since this is something that I have never done before, I had no idea of what gun to choose. But the staff made me feel comfortable, gave recommendations, and provided me with great customer service. After making a decision on what guns to shoot, the range staff was very professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful to make sure I knew everything about the safety and mechanics of shooting correctly. I was very nervous but during my shooting session, I was very pleased to receive one on one instruction. He was very patient with me and made sure that I knew the correct way to hold the gun to ensure that I hit my target. As I was leaving, to my surprise I was able to pick out a photo of myself shooting. What a great souvenir! I tell everyone that my favorite experience about my vacation to Vegas was at Gun Garage and how I shot a hand gun and machine gun for the very first time. This was a very unique experience for me and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a little zing in their vacation. 

Deb W


I had a great time shooting. Cricket gave me some great pointers that i plan on using at my local gun range Friday. I also thought it was great you offer the free gun safety class. I took advantage of it and so glad i did. Being a new gun owner i wish the gun shops in California offered them in the way you did. By spending the day at the class and the new knowledge i received ill go forth and teach it to my friends and family back home. Thank you again for a great experience.

Joe B


I want to thank Gun Garage for providing a great experience and not getting caught up in the hype of todays firearm economy. I have had the pleasure of purchasing 3 firearms from you in the last few weeks and look forward to years of enjoyment from them. Thanks for the great customer service and honesty. It’s nice to be treated so well.

James J


Had a great time at your range today. Both my wife and I enjoyed shooting. It’s nice to go to a range that is clean, well lit, and staffed with knowledgeable personnel. WE both look forward o our next shooting time at your facility. Keep up the great work.

Tom K


This place is AWESOME! Staff very friendly and helpful. Had my kids here for Thanksgiving and they had a blast. THANK YOU!!

Rob C