Father’s Day is rapidly approaching and for those of you who have procrastinated on grabbing Dad the perfect gift, Gun Garage is here to help.

This year, switch up your usual Father’s Day gift and give your dad the thrill of shooting one of our powerful machine guns. Our experiences are fully customizable, ranging from gun rentals to curated shooting packages featuring our most popular firearms.

Here are some adrenaline pumping gift ideas for the special dad in your life:

Experience the Best of Gun Garage

If you and Dad are looking to experience the best of Gun Garage’s offerings together, the Best Bang for Your Buck shooting package is the perfect pick.

Featuring nine different guns, this package is made for two people. You’ll get to try out some of our most sought-after machinery including the M4, UZI, AK-47, the iconic Tommy Gun and more. The package comes with four targets and ammunition, and is priced at $479.95

Prepare for the Apocalypse and Destroy the Undead

Okay Walking Dead fans, this one’s for you! Test out your accuracy and zombie killing skills with our Zombie Apocalypse experience package featuring semi-automatics and glocks in its lineup of guns. Each package comes with two targets and two magazines. The experience is priced at $149.95 per person.

Customized Experience Just for Dad

For the father who knows what he likes, Gun Garage offers a fully customizable shooting package that will ensure your dad gets to fire off his favorite guns on his special day.

While the package excludes the 1919 and MP7, Dad will be able to select from 13 of our guns to create the perfect day at the range. The package, priced at $159.95 per person, comes with two targets and ammo count varies by gun selection.

Don’t forget you can commemorate your Father’s Day outing with souvenirs like the 50 caliber bullet bottle opener from the Gun Garage retail shop. To schedule a shooting experience, call (702)440-4867 or stop by our range at 5155 Dean Martin Drive.